An Alternative Me

sim me2I’ve been wandering recently in the unreal estate of mathematical infinity, where ‘recently’ has zero meaning. In fact infinity may be an alternate way of thinking about God. Among other things, it’s a conceptual space where multiple mirror universes are not only possible, but inevitable. So it seemed rather perfect when I surfaced for a gulp of air this week to find that Adit, a reader in Indonesia, honored me last year by putting me into The Sims. Or rather, an alternative representation of me: an avatar.

virginiaThe Sims, says Wikipedia, is “a strategic life simulation video game series.” Since I had to go to Wikipedia, it’s clear I’m no gamer, but I’m guessing you might think of it as an alternative universe which may or may not be related to this one.  Which might mean that I may or may not be related in an alternative kind of way to Virginia Woolf, looking all cool and austere and maybe just a little bit fey.

It’s heady stuff, this simulation business. As is infinity. But it looks like my avatar just made a safe landing in a Virginia-Woolf-era plane — thanks, Adit! — so I’m hoping real life simulates the simulation:

sim me3

10 Responses

  1. Thank you Lesley. I really like this post and I have to say that you have a wonderful way of expressing the ‘inexpressible’. I’m a new following of yours by the way. I got ‘hitched’ by your book ‘After the Prophet’ which I have read a couple of times and use as a resource for my own writing/lecturing. Anne

  2. Hi Leslie,
    The Zero is an interesting concept. Mathematically it is defined by the “inverse” (not the opposite) of infinity. A very interesting graph is that of a hyperbola y=1/x, where the asymptotes never touch the axes; except off course at infinity. Ever since my childhood I had been fascinated with visualizing in 3-D what that graph would look like; where I predicted (actually wished) that somehow the infinity point would somehow be convoluted into zero…..Zero and infinity being the same point….that one point would be all encompassing; It would be nothing…yet have everything in it.
    On a larger scale of things, when we look at “Existence”, that’s what there is….all amounting to nothing…unless off course you are a hopeless romantic and want it to be much more than it.

    So it doesn’t really matter if your existence is real or virtual…how do you differentiate the two ?


    P.S. I so do hope you’ve seen “the Matrix”.

  3. Lesley, I love you as Virginia (and you as you). This is so cool! And who are we in an infinite number of worlds?

  4. Love this You are the perfect game rep. What fun.!

  5. …the mathematical infinity… a bit mystical if you ask me……the game thing, well congratulations, not sure about Virginia, you would know more….fey??

  6. Hi Leslie,

    Now, here’s food for thought. What if life is a simulation? May be your SIM avatar thinks she’s real!


  7. Love all these responses! Thank you — L.

  8. I can’t believe you’re a Sims character. That’s mind-blowing. How in the world did that happen? Mark used to be an avid player, and he still whistles the “shopping music” when we have to make a major purchase decision. He’ll be delighted to no end. As in, to infinity.

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