Gaza Morgue

I still have no words that I trust.  Only this photo of a doctor weeping in the overflowing morgue of Shifa hospital in Gaza:

Gaza doctor

(photographer: Oliver Weiken, for the New York Times).

5 Responses

  1. Yes the throat chokes at the sights i have experienced thru al jazeera! I thought there would be a breakthru today- it has nt .

    Niloufer gupta

  2. A picture speaks a thousand words, unspoken words, that do not even require to be remembered. They go deeper in hearts, deeper than we mortals know – they write themselves in our DNAs – for eternity.

  3. The incessant ethnic cleansing of Palestine renders one speechless and anger and shame take the place of (unspoken) words (-_-).

  4. Heartbreaking. When will this madness end?

  5. We are all ‘ DEAD’ people walking on earth. We have no humanity left. We are not moved by anything as if we are stones. Where is the power of collective conscience of human beings?

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