Gaza City

And now…?

gaza city

Photo:  Wissam Nasser for the New York Times

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  1. If jehova and allah will ,the morgue will be cleared !
    Jehovah and Allah are not so full of anger that innocents are constantly destroyed.

  2. I see my post deleted.
    Israel is the litmus test….all the champion of freedom n freedom of speech are helpless with highest degree of hypocrisy.

    • Your comment was deleted because it was not a response to the question “And now?” Name-calling rhetoric may be a gratifying form of self-expression, but it gets everyone nowhere.

  3. I guess the Palestineans will never get over the idea that the Zionist have taken over their land. They will fight for the land until the last one is dead. A stiff necked people

    • Your comment was written, I’m assuming, as an ironic play on the meme of Jews as a stiff-necked people. But Hamas is not “the Palestinians.” and given half a chance, the vast majority of Palestinians would reject its repressive, ultra-conservative, militant fundamentalism.

      • I am afraid one’s terrorist other man freedom fighter….it all started when Islamists(I personally don’t agree with them) won in Algeria were not accepted by so called civilized hypocrites of world and puppets were installed as installed all over the Arab world….those whose rights were denied become freedom fighter for their cause n terrorist for the rest of world.
        Similarly Hammas won land slide but were denied power so is Mursi of Egypt.
        Interestingly Hammas did not turn into terrorist instead their victory brought out a hidden terrorist in Israel.

        Lezley u wrote

        “But Hamas is not “the Palestinians.” and given half a chance, the vast majority of Palestinians would reject its repressive”

        Just think n think and think again what u wrote….what give u right to judge over other ppl.
        Are u by birth custodian of world or u got some certified Degree in passing such judgements..

        • Freedom fighters? Hammas instituted a regime of intense repression of freedom: of speech, of dissent, of education, of women, of the Gazan population as a whole. Indeed Hammas has killed more Palestinians than it has Israelis. It’s ironic, to put it extremely mildly, that you conflate Hammas with Palestine, since to do so is to condemn Palestinians to an ISIS/Taliban type of dictatorship. And I know that is not your vision of the future.
          Re judgment, why would you assume that I have a perfect right to judge the Israeli government’s irredentist stance, but no right to judge that of Hammas? I would expect the same of you: that you be capable of looking with clarity at both, or at least try to do so.

          • I am speechless…..Hammas instituted a regime of intense repression of freedom where theres no life allowed by Israelis….freedom is enjoyed where theres a life……and dissenting education of women….under strong Israeli suppression theres no education at all.
            Hammas has nothing in common with Taliban and other so called jihadiz pl fix ur confusion.
            Hammas lives among oppressed n occupied ppl n representing them….u must have learn all ur confusions from CNN and BBC…I thought ur open minded.

            I am appalled at the conjecture when Hammas is equated with Israel and one sided human massacre is shown as guilt vs guilt.

            For the sake of argument lets say Hammas is guilty on all counts u alleges…give me one account of killing a baby or kidz even Israeli’s.
            If u can not come up with single evidence then at least feel some shame n guilt on what u said.

            Finding faults with Hammas is not even handedness its diffusing Israeli crimes….its like “I know X has killed hundreds of kidz but make no mistake Y is not short of throwing stones n few rockets whenever get a chance”

            IMO Israel is less guilty than those who provide her moral support by hypocritical remarks like….”we strongly urge both sides to show restrains”

            For God’s sake we are talking here about loss of innocent human lives and innocent kidz and we are contend with urging both sides to show restrains….shame on us and shame on our hypocrisy.

          • Apparently not so speechless. And not so informed as to the history of Hamas either. You might start with its battle against Fatah in 2007. And its long-time use and advocacy of suicide bombing against civilians. You accuse me of presuming to have judgment? That’s an accusation that could only come from someone who has none.

          • The ironic part is, that Hamas is to ISIS same as Al-Nusra or Al-Qaeda are… that is… targets. In fact Hamas are stil tonight letting doors open to acknowledge the existance of Israel if Palestinians can have their land. They also renounced to taking power when they united with Fatah before all this hell started. In short words… Hamas decided to move aside.Especially because they have lost all popular support in Gaza, and they know that real enemy are the salafis and IS-like beardies… But a prospect for peace was too much for Netanyahu and his guys. Peace means the end for Samaria and Judea, and the Greater Israel. It means toi get back to 1967 and give back all settlements and the resources they took. And that’s why we are watchiung this hell. It’s not Hamas, this time, who started. Even Gazatis hate Hamas almost as much as they hate Israel.

  4. Just a fraction of what Gaza strip suffer in normal conditions.

    1. Electricity is available for only 8 hours per day, and not even regularly as it depends on the availability of diesel fuel which is controlled by the Israelis.

    2. 90% of the water found in the Gaza Strip is unpotable and unfit for human use such as bathing, washing etc …

    3. Sanitation and water treatment are nonexistent so waste water is routed directly to the sea, so the beach has been closed because it’s become unfit for swimming. This is the only choice for the population as supplies and equipment are controlled by the Israelis.

    4. The problem of fuel and gas … it’s not available in most cases and when it’s available the price is exorbitant so it’s become the most expensive gas in the world at $2.20 per liter for petrol. It is also causing a problem with cooking as there isn’t propane, and if it is available again it is very expensive.

    • I know. The seven-year blockade is collective punishment. It’s abominable, and it has to be lifted. ASAP. That is merely the first of a very long series of steps. I only wish I could see them.

  5. July 29, and the answer to my question from Israel: it gets worse. This report from 972 Magazine:
    Has Israel totally lost its mind?

  6. And Now ….,,,, the world needs to bring big machines such as bulldozers and construction materials to start rebuilding Gaza.
    That’s the least we can do to help.

  7. To israel supporters,
    I’m a 50 year old American so please hear me out. I was born and raised in the United States and the Israel and Palestine conflict has really caught my attention. The future depends on young people like myself and we sure don’t want to see a future filled with deaths and turmoil. In order to have peace, you grown ups (who we look up to) need to grow up and stop bickering about religion. Israeli supporters, you need to see Palestinians as humans first. What would you do if you were in there shoes instead?

    • Khalil — I’m assuming from the context that you are 15, not 50.
      I have edited out the rest of this very lengthy comment for three reasons:
      A. there is a 250-word limit in comments on this blog
      B. you attached an unattributed post from elsewhere
      C. readers of this blog, as you would know if you actually read it, are already well acquainted with the facts of the situation.

  8. Terrible ! This is pure evil. Nerve raking. I pray for peace and justice at holy land. Now both sides must understand that neither of them going to leave that land. And both sides must get rid of its current governments. They don’t want peace, they want war. This war is tearing not only them a part. It is tearing all of us a part all over Earth. No one is benefiting from it. Israeli gov. is wrong to think that they are winning . They are losing greatly. Anybody has a merciful hearth now turning against Israel and Jews. Hamas is losing too. Since they came to power at Gazza situation became bad, grim and worse. They must go as well as Israeli extra vicious Natanyahu gov. They are comiting war crimes just like Milasovich did at Bosnia before.

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