Aron Kader’s War Against War

aron kaderI am going to wage peace upon everyone who disagrees with me. It will be an aggressive, offensive and hostile strike that will continue until I inflict the final death blow to misunderstandings and conflict. I will gather all my available resources & weapons for this assault. I will never surrender until the foes of harmony surrender. I declare war on war. I will inflict peace on everyone and occupy your fear with understanding. You will suffer under my brutal campaign of tranquility. The enemy will endure the horrors of justice, tolerance, compassion and freedom. I will indoctrinate the aggressors with acceptance until the resistance is futile. I will show no mercy for hate. If you are not with me you are against warmth, love and little furry baby animals.

This brief manifesto was posted on Facebook earlier today by Palestinian-American stand-up comedian Aron Kader, followed by this update:

My war against war begins tomorrow. I will be on CNN tomorrow on the Brooke Baldwin program to talk about the murder of my cousin Mohammed Abu Khdeir and the police beating of Tariq Abu Khdeir. Also my plea for ceasefire in Gaza and how you will never convince me we cannot have peace.

To say I’m an instant fan doesn’t begin to cover it.  Finally, a war I can support!


9 Responses

  1. I would join this war whole-heartedly….let’s do it instantly, it’s unbearable out there. Pleas and prayers in support….

  2. I think, Leslie, that true (and I know how much you hate the word Truth with a capital T, but this true could be capitalized and I’m sure you’d still be on board) martyrs are the ones that die fighting this kind of war.

    I support this war too.

  3. This is the only war worth supporting… we must save the children from their suffering; I weep when I see the fear in their eyes. Sending my prayers and support . God bless. Anita

  4. On the other hand, Israeli frnd who lives near the Jerusalem Forest where the body was found, erected with others in the village, a monument in memory of the 16 year old who was beaten and burned to death. That evening it was destroyed by right wing activists, they rebuilt it , the next day and again in the morning it had been destroyed. When the Arab families whose sons killed in cold blood, the three young teenagers who were hitchhiking in the West Bank I may have a change of heart vis a vis the present conflict. Meanwhile it’s time to sent Hamas, ISIS, Islamic Jihad and their supporters, back to the Stone Age.

    • The point is this: In the spirit of your friend who helped erect and then rebuild that monument — and who I hope will continue to rebuild it every time it gets pulled down — let’s get beyond sending anyone at all “back to the Stone Age.”

  5. let’s fight a peace war, and stop the weeping of all the mothers….let;s fight a peace war in the name of all children, regardless of origin.

  6. Several yrs ago when i was much younger I had been asked by a local Rabbi, to come to a synagogue, something which I never do here in Israel, to maintain along with others a strong physical presence when things would ‘get out of hand’, which they did. The speaker was a Palestinian living in the US who was in favor of a non-violent confrontation with the on going situation, a Palestinian Martin Luther King like figure.

    Kahanist like males were scattered through out the the audience and interrupted his presentation, time and time again and each time they interrupted young guys, wearing kippas physically tossed them out of the synagogue. At times it was a bit violent.

    His presentation was impressive and spoke to us Israelis, Peace Now, Meretz types, however when I spoke with my Arab friends, no one had ever heard of him.

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